The UKFL is in development and we’ll play our first season starting in May 2025.


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A world-class professional team near you

We are going to create and fund 6 new teams from scratch based around population dense cities and split into North and South Conferences.

Each team will receive equal treatment in terms of investment, player recruitment and funding, so wherever you are in the UK you’ll be able to watch the very best the league has to offer.

Elite homegrown and international athletes

We’ll be recruiting the best of British talent alongside experienced coaches and import players to help us become the top league in Europe.

Our amazing athletes will benefit from the best player experience in Europe, including medical support, insurance, five star safety equipment and the opportunity to train with top talent in Europe, giving them a real platform to showcase their skills.

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Fast-moving, action-packed gameplay

We’re investing in top quality officials and refereeing to ensure a high quality, enjoyable game format for players and fans alike.

We’ll also be introducing 48-minute game times and other innovations to keep games exciting and action-packed.

The authentic American gameday experience

American football isn’t just about what happens on the field – it’s about the culture and experience too.

Our teams will be based in stadiums hand-picked for their ability to host an authentic American gameday experience, from food and bars to entertainment and tailgating.

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A thriving digital fan community

Outside of our stadiums, our digital fan experience will give you the chance to really get involved with the teams and the league, connect with other fans and become part of something big.

We’ll be offering video coverage of the full league, and unparalleled access to players and coaches. We’ll also be releasing full statistics, meaning we can offer online fantasy football.