The UKFL offers a unique opportunity to invest in a rapidly growing sport

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American Football in the UK has never been bigger. 24 million Brits watched NFL broadcasts across Sky, Game Pass and the BBC in 2017.

In spite of growing demand, the UK is the only major European nation without its own professional American Football league. The UK’s 100 top American football players are employed in European leagues because they’re unable to play professionally at home.  

Our mission is to make UK American Football the best outside the USA.

We’re creating a professional UK American Football league from scratch, run to the highest standards with a goal of becoming the best American Football experience outside of the USA.

We’re building something for the millions of UK fans who want their own league, with the same authentic gameday experience and polished broadcast format that the NFL provides.

With eight teams split into North and South conferences, fans across the country will have the opportunity to watch elite athletes in an exciting live setting, and to engage with a sophisticated digital fan experience outside the stadium too.

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We’re offering a range of exciting opportunities for investors to buy into an increasingly popular sport with a huge audience in the UK. 

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