David Robson - Technical Director

David started his career in games development and showed technical promise from an early age, winning Enterprise Student of the year 2013 at Gateshead College. He completed an apprenticeship at gambling brand Tombola before transitioning into web development at a leading North East software development house, honing his skills as part of the team managing the digital presence of flagship airline British Airways.

Having built his skills agency-side, David moved into an in-house role at local legend car leasing company Ling’s Cars. Applying his skills to an in-house role allowed him to develop a strategic mindset and apply his technical knowledge to developing the overall business strategy, and David rose swiftly through the ranks of the business, recently taking on overall management of the brand as a Director and shareholder.

As a die-hard Jacksonville Jaguars fan, David is committed to developing and growing the profile of American football in the UK both on and off the field. As an esports and gaming fan, he’s also passionate about achieving UKFL’s vision of a digital fan community, applying his technical know-how to shape the future of the league.