Why create a pro British American Football league?

Welcome to the first of many blog posts on the UKFL website. These posts will do one of a couple of things, either answer a frequently asked question or reveal new information. With that being said, we think that it’s only right to start with the most important question: Why?

If you’re reading this post you probably know what we’re doing by now, the goal is clear – we want to launch a professional league that will represent the best standard, both on and off the field, of American Football in the UK. But, why are we so determined to achieve that goal?

Why are we creating the UKFL?

The short answer is simple, it’s because we love this sport.

UKFL’s team has more than 50 years of combined experience, dedication and love for the sport behind every decision we make. We really love American Football and we want it to grow and prosper in our country.

That growth is already very much underway. The popularity of the NFL is at an all-time high and continues to increase. Millions of British American Football fans tune in to watch the NFL on Sky Sports or through NFL Game Pass each year and the popularity of the International Series games in London is massive.

We recognise that Brits love the sport and want to watch it. 

The reality is, we recognise it because we’re the same! We are creating the UKFL to be the league that we, ourselves, want to see. 

Our hope is to provide something that represents both a high standard of football on the field and an awesome fan experience off it. Professional, high-level football, with real stadiums, tailgating, food and drinks and a great atmosphere. 

We can’t provide you more NFL London games, but we want to create the closest experience possible. 

One of the unfortunate effects of having no professional football in the UK is that much of the best young British American Football talent have to go and play in Europe, where there are multiple semi-pro leagues. The UKFL will provide a great player experience and a wage that will allow these athletes to stay here and follow their sporting dreams without derailing the rest of their life.

We will also have imported players and coaches, from the US and Europe, who will bring experience and talent to even further elevate the homegrown players that will fill the majority of the rosters.

One core goal. Growing British American Football.

It all comes back to growing the game. Elevating American Football in the UK and the players who play it, while improving the overall experience for the people on the field and in the stands.

There will be plenty of information and announcements (received earlier by those of you who sign up for our UKFL newsletter!) throughout the coming months. With each blog post and newsletter, we will shed more and more light on what our plans are and where we are on our journey to May 2023. Now, whenever you read our content, if at any point you question why we did or are doing something, you can remember that this is why.

Everything we do is for the same reason. We are trying to make American Football in the UK the biggest and best it can be. And we’re doing that because we truly love it.

We can’t wait to share more information. To keep up to date, make sure to follow our social accounts and sign up to our newsletter.