UKFL Timeline to Launch

Hello again everyone! Here is the one you’ve all been waiting for. Our latest blog post details our current timeline to the UKFL official launch in 2023.

It goes without saying that some of these dates are pretty far away, which means they can shift and change over time, but this is our plan and we believe that transparency is important. We want our fans, supporters and investors to see our timeline and recognise the detail of planning in the path that we are on.

You guys asked for it, so here you go: here is the UKFL’s official Timeline to Launch.

Right Now! – Building our community and laying the foundations

You’re already here, so thank you for your support. We’re still growing every day, though. The social media community and our newsletter mailing list can never be too full – we want everybody who loves this sport to hear what we are doing. If you know anybody who likes American Football and they aren’t involved in, or aware of, our project, send them our way!

Also, make sure you take part in our fan surveys and help us shape the league.

Take a look here if you missed our ‘How can I support the UKFL right now?’ blog post, which includes the details on how to do the above and more.

Summer 2021 – Meet us at a BAFA game

This summer, you have a chance to meet the team in person! We will be heading to BAFA National League games across the country to get involved with the British American Football community and speak to the people who love this sport like we do, face to face. This is obviously the best opportunity to date for you to ask questions and speak to us, but it will be really great for us too – getting an insight into what you guys are excited about.

If you want to read more information about our BAFA Road Trip, there’s a specific blog post for that linked here.

We can’t wait to meet you all.

September 2021 – Crowdfunding Begins

We are already seeking investment and we would encourage anybody to seek out our investment information on the UKFL website, but later this year we will be opening up the opportunity for everyone to contribute to the league through crowdfunding.

Our crowdfunding will allow for fans to help the league fulfil its vision, but it will also allow for those who support to get great rewards through their investment. We will obviously share more details ASAP, but keep your eyes peeled!

Early 2022 – Team Locations and Stadiums Announcements

By far the number one thing people ask us about! ‘Where will the teams be?’ Well, early next year we will officially announce the teams and the stadiums that the league will be launching with. We know that everyone is dying to hear this info, but you can rest assured that we are taking as much time as is necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

We want our fan and player experiences to be phenomenal, so forming great partnerships with awesome stadiums is really important. Do not think we don’t realise how excited you are to hear this information. When it comes, you won’t be disappointed.

Early 2022 – Team Names and Logos Announcements

Shortly after the team locations are officially announced, we will also follow with the names and logos. This will no doubt be one of the most exciting times of the entire journey to launch, so we won’t make you wait any longer than you have to.

We will offer team-specific merch closer to the launch of the league, but we think that it’s important that you can be informed and start supporting your local (or just favourite named) team as soon as possible. You will be able to follow the team’s progress for over a year from its announcement to kickoff.

Late 2022 – Head Coach Announcements

2022 will be a big year of announcements, none more exciting than the official reveal of the league’s eight Head Coaches. The coaches will be at the forefront of the final push before the league’s kickoff in May 2023.

Early 2023 – Player Recruitment

Once all of the teams have their coaching staff in place, we need to get them some players to coach! Once the calendar rolls over to 2023, the official recruitment period will begin. There will be recruitment from the USA, Europe and the UK across the first few months of the year.

April 2023 – UKFL Player Draft

Here we go. Now comes the real excitement.

At the beginning of April 2023, the moment that we will have all been waiting for will take place – the UKFL’s Player Draft, creating the rosters for our eight teams and officially filling out the player pool for our inaugural season.

This draft will allow for the Head Coaches to take control of their team’s future and build the teams that you will be cheering for, just a couple of months later.

April 2023 – Training Camps

Let the football begin.

Within the days following the UKFL Player Draft, the newly filled teams will link up and begin their training camps, preparing for the season. These will naturally be absolutely essential to the formation and success of the teams in the first season. The teams will build out their depth charts, players and coaches will build their rapport and gameplan for the year, and much more.

However, we plan on hopefully opening up opportunities for some fans to attend training camps on select days and get a chance – for the first time – to see their new favourite team in action.

May 2023 – UKFL Kick-Off

You know what’s next. We have had this concrete target date set for months and we intend to hit that target. In May 2023, we plan on kicking off the first of many UKFL seasons, providing the highest standard of American Football in the country, on and off the field. 

We’ll see you there.