UKFL Meet the Team – Yung-Lin Wang

Welcome to our UKFL Meet the Team series of Blog Posts.

Throughout these entries, we will try to give you a chance to get to know the people behind the scenes at UKFL.

We do have a Meet the Team page on our website, but that is more about why we fit into the role we have and doesn’t let you really get to know us!

You might already know some of our backgrounds and you may already know what our job title here is, but this is an opportunity to go a bit deeper. Some of the questions are the obvious ones, but we’ve tried to also throw in some fun ones – because who doesn’t want to know what Coach Rooney’s favourite food is!?


Meet the Team – Yung-Lin Wang

Where are you from?: Taiwan and Nottingham

Job / Background outside of UKFL:

Assistant Professor in Economics at Nottingham Trent University.

This role involves postgraduate and undergraduate teaching, academic advising, and oversight of student research projects. My research duty includes the development of a research lab, accreditation and candidacy duties, professional and scholarly activities, and service to the university and community.

Role with UKFL: Regional Manager (Asia)

So, what do you actually do!?: I assist the UKFL to achieve its goals and objectives in Taiwan and other Asian countries as Regional Manager. The role involves assisting recruitment efforts by assessing the prospective staff and interesting potential fans. For example, there are regular webinars/online sessions for a range of audiences who are interested in American Football. I will also work with the local managers, search for potential overseas players and find potential investors in Asia.

What are you most excited for with the UKFL?: The opportunity to import overseas players to play in the UK. Also, the chance to introduce my favourite sport, American Football, to Taiwan and other Asian countries.

Favourite NFL Team: New England Patriots

Favourite NFL players: Tom Brady, Aaron Donald, and Ray Lewis

First-ever NFL game: Super Bowl 50 (Panthers @ Broncos), 2016, during my rookie year at Durham University.

Favourite NFL moment: Super Bowl 51, when the score was 28-3… You won’t believe what happened next.

Favourite Jersey you own: Tom Brady #12 Patriots jersey

First-ever American Football memory / memories: The taster event in my rookie year with the Durham Saints

American Football position (if applicable): LB, DL, and OL

American Football jersey number (if applicable): #52

American Football teams played for (if applicable): Durham Saints, Northumberland Vikings, and Nottingham Caesars

Biggest personal American Football achievement (where applicable): Durham Saints National Championship Winners in 2018.

What American Football goal/target is on your Bucket List?: To see Taiwanese players playing in a professional league.

Top 3 Sports Ranked:

  1. American Football – New England Patriots
  2. Basketball – Chicago Bulls
  3. Surfing

Favourite Sports Movie: Rudy, Rocky, and Coach Carter.

Biggest non-American Football hobby: Playing board games, especially Tabletop Role-Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons

One fun fact about you not already mentioned: Eyeshield 21 (a Japanese manga series) started my interest in American Football.

Favourite type of food: Taiwanese street food and Japanese Ramen

Most famous person you’ve ever met: James Heckman. He is a Nobel Prize-winning economist who is currently at the University of Chicago, where he is the Henry Schultz Distinguished Service Professor in Economics. Discussing my research with him at an annual international conference started my research interest.