UKFL Meet the Team – Mick Tyler

Welcome to our Meet the Team series of Blog Posts.

Throughout these entries, we will try to give you a chance to get to know the people behind the scenes at UKFL.

We do have a Meet the Team page on our website, but that is more focused on why we fit into the role we have and doesn’t let you really get to know us!

You might already know some of our backgrounds and you may already know what our job title here is, but this is an opportunity to go a bit deeper. Some of the questions are the obvious ones, but we’ve tried to also throw in some fun ones – because who doesn’t want to know what Coach Rooney’s favourite food is!?


Meet the Team – Mick Tyler

Where are you from?: Born in Loughborough, now live in County Durham

Job / Background outside of UKFL: Commercial Finance Broker

Role with UKFL: Managing Director

So, what do you actually do!?: I recruit good people to work with on the project and then delegate the appropriate work and roles to them.

What are you most excited for with the UKFL?: Being able to sell a ticket to the people who didn’t think that we would really be able to make the league a reality.

Favourite NFL Team: New Orleans Saints

Favourite NFL players: Drew Brees and Joe Montana

First-ever NFL game: One of the Exhibition games in London way back in the day.

Favourite NFL moment: Attending the San Francisco 49ers @ New Orleans Saints, in person, at the Super Dome in 2019.

Favourite Jersey you own: I don’t buy jerseys, so my Leicester Panthers Polo

First-ever American Football memory / memories: In the late 80’s on Channel 4, we used to get 90 minutes of highlights. That’s all that we were allowed.

American Football teams: General Manager for Newcastle Vikings, Commercial Director for DC Presidents and Committee Member for Leicester Panthers

What American Football goal/target is on your Bucket List?: To make the UKFL successful.

Top 3 Sports Ranked:

1. Football (Leicester City and England)

2. American Football (LSU Tigers and New Orleans Saints)

3 . Golf – playing, not watching

Favourite Sports Movie: The Blind Side – I like all of my movies to be real,  I don’t really like fiction – and Sandra Bullock helps too.

Biggest non-American Football hobby: Following Leicester City

One fun fact about you not already mentioned: I was the 1977 Connect 4 World Champion

Favourite type of food: Steak or Chicken

Most famous person you’ve ever met: George Best – I spent an evening sat next to him at a Sportsman’s dinner – he was a real gent and good company. I was also in the same room as Princess Anne once, does that count?

Next week we will get to meet Jonathan Rooney, our Director of Football Operations.