UKFL Meet The Team – David Robson

Welcome to our UKFL Meet the Team series of Blog Posts.

Throughout these entries, we will try to give you a chance to get to know the people behind the scenes at UKFL.

We do have a Meet the Team page on our website, but that is more about why we fit into the role we have and doesn’t let you really get to know us!

You might already know some of our backgrounds and you may already know what our job title here is, but this is an opportunity to go a bit deeper. Some of the questions are the obvious ones, but we’ve tried to also throw in some fun ones – because who doesn’t want to know what Coach Rooney’s favourite food is!?


Meet the Team – David Robson

Where are you from (originally and now if they are different)?: Newcastle Upon Tyne

Job / Background outside of UKFL: My background is in Web Development and I am currently the co-owner of a Car Leasing firm in Newcastle.

Role with UKFL: Technical Director

So, what do you actually do!?: I oversee all development and growth of our digital platform. I am also central in all plans for streaming, fan experience and Fantasy Football, alongside a host of other things.

What are you most excited for with the UKFL?: Being able to excite British American Football fans and provide a level of British football that reflects the level of the fanbase we have here.

Favourite NFL Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Favourite NFL players: Trevor Lawrence

First-ever NFL game: Jacksonville Jaguars vs Carolina Panthers in 2015, in Jacksonville.

Favourite NFL moment: The Minneapolis Miracle.

Favourite Jersey you own: My Gardner Minshew jersey.

Biggest personal American Football achievement (where applicable): My work with the Northumberland Vikings, providing streaming capabilities, which then helped to start the journey to where the UKFL is today.

What American Football goal/target is on your Bucket List?: To make the UKFL a success and start to get more young people playing American Football so that one day it could be on the level of Football or Rugby with its play and funding in schools.

Top 3 Sports Ranked:

  1. American Football – Jacksonville Jaguars
  2. Formula 1
  3. Football – Newcastle United

Favourite Sports Movie: Cool Runnings

Biggest non-American Football hobby: Video Games

One fun fact about you not already mentioned: I met Coolio in a service station near Derby once.

Favourite type of food: Mexican Food

Most famous person you’ve ever met: Jenson Button