UKFL is going on a BAFA Road Trip!

We’ve got a newsletter, we’re on social media and we’ve been putting out blog posts – and that’s all great, of course – but we want to take it one step further:

We want to meet you in person!

This summer, the UKFL team is going on a BAFA road trip, heading to BAFA National League games across the country. We are as excited as anyone that British American Football is back and we are ready to get on the road.

We’ll be available for people to ask any questions that are on their mind, or just introduce themselves to the team working on this project.

Naturally, you can ask questions already through our social media and all of our announcements and updates will be available there and through the newsletter. However, we believe in the value of speaking to each other face to face, especially after all this time in lockdown!

Covid Update – Road Trip Dates TBC

Speaking of which, we have been forced to postpone the start of our road trip due to the government delaying the end of lockdown by an extra four weeks.

We are sorry that we couldn’t get the team out to games from the word go, but we are taking the COVID-19 regulations seriously and if BAFA are not encouraging fans to attend games, we don’t want to ask you all to head down and meet us.

If you see any of us at a game, feel free to say hello and ask questions, but the real fun should start in a few weeks, pending the government’s decision in mid-July.

Where and when?

Once the road trip is underway, we won’t just rock up unannounced, we’ll post online what games we are going to and when. We will be encouraging as many people as possible to get down to these matches, say hello to us and watch the game. Yeah, we’ll be there on the sideline, but we also want to see people out and watching football again, just in general.

We love the sport and it’s back! Let’s all enjoy it.

In our first blog post, we spoke about why we started working on the UKFL. It’s all because we want to grow American Football in this country. It all comes back to that. If we can start that process by trying to get as many people to BAFA games this summer, that’s an awesome bonus!

Be safe and follow the guidelines, both government and BAFA, while they are in place and when we can safely come and meet you all, we will do.

Make sure you follow all of our social media so that you can see where we’re going to be and when.

We can’t wait to meet you guys and talk football and, of course, talk UKFL.