How can I support UKFL right now?

Hello! Welcome to our latest blog post. If you’re reading this, that means you are one of our supporters and we appreciate you. You are one of the first people to actively support UKFL and it makes a difference. 

Every single person who engages with us, follows our journey or even just clicks the like button is helping us to achieve our goal. 

That goal is to create the best version of American Football in the UK, both on and off the field.

If you are excited about our vision, stick around, because we are working hard towards that objective. We plan on launching in 2023 and the support that we receive will be central to our success.

But, with everyone who is here nice and early, showing their support right from the start, one of the questions we get is ‘how can I help?’ or ‘what can I do?’

So, let’s answer those questions! Here are five things you can do to support UKFL and be part of our journey:

1. Follow, engage with and share us on social media

The most important thing to do, by far, is what you’re already doing – keep an eye on us! Follow all of our social media accounts (linked at the end of this post), engage with them and keep an eye out for our content. This will allow you to stay up to date with the progress of the league and it will also help to grow our community ahead of our launch.

There will be different content spread across our various social media platforms, with our Facebook page serving as the main community page; the Twitter being a great place to get quick information and shorter, regular posts; the Instagram will feature videos and photos, eventually including highlights from games; and our LinkedIn profile is perfect for seeing us from the business side of things. So, don’t forget to follow us across all of the different platforms.

Of course, if you believe in the project, you can also help us massively through good old-fashioned word of mouth! Tell your friends who also like American Football about us and get them to follow us too. We are trying to build a community and we want anyone and everyone who has any level of interest in the sport to get involved in what we are building.

2. Sign up to our newsletter

We recently launched our newsletter and we will be using it as a one-stop-shop for all important information, announcements and updates. As well as staying informed, those who sign up to our mailing list will also get unique input and opportunities that aren’t available to all followers. This will include things like giveaways and first-access to new information and exciting updates.

Another very important thing at this current stage, we have set up a fan survey. This survey gives us valuable information about the early-adopters who support us and follow the project and allows us to start our process of using fan data to create the league that people want to see. Only those on our mailing list will be invited to mould the league in this way, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Sign up to our newsletter to stay informed and shape the future of the sport we all love in the UK.

Newsletter Sign Up

3. Invest in UKFL 

We are a football league, but we are also a business and we are registered as an official EIS eligible company with HMRC. Investment is open right now and we would love to hear from anybody who is interested in investing in our project.

Download Investor Pack

However, we are also more than that. The UKFL is a league that is being created by football fans, for football fans. We will also be opening up crowdfunding and you will be able to invest into the future of British American Football and get some cool perks, while helping us to make our vision a reality. Stay tuned for more information on our crowdfunding later this year.

4. Fill out our Fan Survey

We aren’t just creating this league for ourselves. While we have a clear vision, the team at UKFL want to make sure that that vision also feeds from those who are ready to come and watch! If you’re reading our blogs and signing up to our newsletter, you clearly share our passion for this game and our project. Therefore, we will be getting input and feedback from you throughout the process.

The first of our fan surveys is now live and we are finding out about the people who care and what they value most in the sport.

Take the survey here:

UKFL Fan Survey

5. Come and meet us this summer!

The survey will be incredibly informative for us, but that’s only a one way conversation. This summer we are going to be going on a road trip, attending BAFA National League games across the UK and speaking to fans and making ourselves available for questions and insight. Our team can’t wait to hear from you in person! 

We will make a point of letting you guys know where we will be going and when you can come along and meet us, so watch our socials!. We want to reach as many people as possible. So, make sure you come and see us when we visit a team near you. 

Naturally, we do want to acknowledge that the current COVID-19 situation will impact the road trip we’ve been planning. It has delayed it already. However, we can assure you all that once we are allowed to head to the games, we will do – and we’ll let you know when we’re coming. 

So there you go! Those are the five things you can do to support UKFL and be a part of its growth and journey.

We appreciate all of the support so far and we can’t wait to share more. Stay tuned! 

Let’s build something special.