We're launching a new platform for exceptional american football in the uk

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UKFL is launching a new platform for exceptional American Football in the UK by introducing a fully professional elite league.

We’re creating something for the millions of UK fans who want their own league, with the same exciting gameday experience and polished broadcast format that the NFL provides.

What's important to us

The UKFL is committed to bringing the authentic American Football gameday experience to fans here in the UK.

We’re passionate about:

  • Building the profile of American football as a sport in the UK
  • Creating a space where players and coaches can develop to the best of their ability
  • Allowing talented individuals to pursue a career in the sport
  • Building a strong community of like-minded fans
  • Delivering a high-quality, inclusive gameday experience
  • Inspiring a new generation of fans and players.


We’ve had a number of meaningful meetings with the National Governing Body BAFA and whilst we have no official agreement with them yet, we do share a common goal and very much hope that we can work with them in the longer term. See BAFA Letter here.